Gubbe one of the hottest startups in 2022

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September 8, 2023
When Sandra Lounamaa’s grandfather died, she faced a conundrum: Who would help care for her widowed grandmother? The marketing professional struggled to find a company that could provide trusted workers to take on nursing responsibilities and help with household activities—so in 2018, she founded a company that would do it for her. She enlisted the help of cofounder Meri-Tuuli Laaksonen, a friend she met on a new mothers’ Facebook group, and created Gubbe, named after a beloved dog. “Gubbe is the best elderly care service for your elderly loved one,” says Lounamaa. The firm brokers connections between student caregivers, who undergo a seven-step screening process, and those who need looking after—it’s like Wolt, but for caring. More than 1,000 caregivers have signed up with the service in Sweden and Finland, with the company launching in the UK in August. The 45-strong company has raised €6.1 million from investors—including Spintop Ventures, Nidoco AB, and Tesi. Read the full article here: